tisdag 4 augusti 2009

I am sorry

I let the computer translate my last contribution to my blogg and found it complitely unreadable. So here is the storry in a little better english:

>>A twelve year old girl did last year during her summer holliday due to no other work rug shreds. She taught a younger how to sew them together and wind up into balls. When this was done she asked her father if he could buy a warp she would like to weave rugs becaurse she had seen how it was done. Her father baught the warp and her teacher helped her to do the loom, after eight days she had woven 30 alnar both beautiful and solid rug. After this heroic achivement the father baught her a new warp for cloth and in the end of the hollidays she had 65 alnar cloth. The value of the material and work could be counted in money but if you value all the other advantages for the girl it would be: habit of useful work, conscious of that she can do something , pleasure of knowing  that she could serve father, mother , brothers and sisters liberated from vain and evil knowledge.<<

This was published in 1890.

So now we know, we are liberated from vain and evil knowledge as long as we keep on weaving!!

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  1. Hej
    Visst är det en fin bok. Jag läser i den emellanåt och tycker det står mycket läsvärt i den. Ha det så gott! Kram Birgitta